Brooks has the experience and expertise to help stroke survivors reach their highest level of recovery and participation in life.

Stroke Care

Stroke can happen at any time and at any age. Victims and their loved ones are left wondering how to move forward. When a stroke happens, Brooks is the answer.

Selecting the best rehabilitation program to meet each patient’s individual needs is critical to regaining independence and participation in life. We provide intensive, personalized stroke rehabilitation at every stage of recovery to help each patient reach their goals.  Please take a moment to see the value of our comprehensive rehabilitation programming.

At Brooks Rehabilitation, we have more than 35 years of experience in aiding stroke survivors through the recovery process. Brooks is a leader in stroke rehabilitation, offering the most innovative, scientifically supported treatments available. We know that a stroke affects each person differently. That’s why we offer an individualized plan of care focused on each patient’s specific goals.

Helping patients and their caregivers adapt is one of our primary focuses. Our intensive stroke rehabilitation program helps survivors regain functional independence and transition back into the community.